Commonwealth Flag Raised Over the Isle of Wight

Commonwealth Flag Raised Over Isle of Wight

Commonwealth Flag Raised Over Isle of Wight
By Lucy MorganMon, 10 March 2014 11:45AM
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The Commonwealth Flag will fly above County Hall in Newport to mark Commonwealth Day.

The distinctive blue and yellow flag was presented to the Isle of Wight Council by the Island's Lord-Lieutenant last month and this morning it was formally raised up a flagpole outside the Isle of Wight Council HQ.

The Island’s Deputy Lieutenant John Matthews read a message from the Queen:

I am pleased to learn that so many people will be taking part in the “Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth” initiative…which will see a record number of Commonwealth flags being raised on one day. I send my good wishes to all who are taking part.

Elizabeth R

John told Isle of Wight Radio:

[It was important] to remind us of the Commonwealth that had been around so long that we rather take for granted.

Isle of Council Chairman Ian Ward led the ceremony, reading the Commonwealth Affirmation, before a pledge from those gathered. Island MP Andrew Turner, Isle of Wight Council Vice-Chairman Charles Chapman and a number of Isle of Wight councillors.

Councillor Ward told Isle of Wight Radio:

I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I like this sort of thing. I’ve lived in several countries around the world while I was in the army. I cherish the tradition and the history that we have. To me this celebrates our past and our history and I’m totally in favour of it.

Flag cadets 

Two army cadets raised the flag. Cadet Chloe Remnant, 16, is from C Company and is one of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadets. She said:

We literally just had to raise the flag really. I think it’s very important. Particularly seeing as in not so many years we’re going to be in the big wide world – particularly with the Commonwealth.

Although the ceremony was held on the High Street, the flag is now flying alongside others at County Hall.


Image: Isle of Wight Council

Ceremonies have been taking place around the world at the same time.

Flags are also flying at many locations of special significance including Land's End in Cornwall, St David's in Pembrokeshire (the westernmost city in Wales) and Unst in the Shetland Islands (the most northerly inhabited island in Scotland).

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