Looking Back at the Isle of Wight, October 20, 2017

St helens


Ten years ago: St Helens Parish Council believed a hand-carved welcome sign was stolen by a visitor to the IW. The road sign was one of three erected in May and was taken in the early hours of Saturday, October 6. The sign was worth around £500 and the parish council were forced to cover costs of a replacement.

100 Years Ago
October 20, 1917 
A VENTNOR captain’s life was saved by a packet of cigarettes.
Capt John Craigie escaped death when a bullet from a German revolver landed in a case of cigarettes he was carrying in his haversack.
His company was engaged in the great Flanders push last week.

75 Years Ago
October 24, 1942 
A naval rating was rescued off Cowes after falling overboard.
The man was travelling on an ‘R’ boat when it gave a sudden lurch and he fell.
A sergeant and corporal were quick to the rescue, swimming out to grab him and returning him safely to the boat.

50 Years Ago
October 28, 1967 
Camp Hill Prison opened its gates to the press for the first time since it was opened.
The County Press took the opportunity to tour the prison and to meet Mr D.T. Cross, the new governor.
The prison was known until recent years as a training prison, although the term ‘corrective training’ was removed from the title a few years before.
It closed in 2013.

25 Years Ago
October 23, 1992 
A Newport woman had a lucky escape when a bolt of lightning struck a building in Carisbrooke Road, which also housed the IW Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Elizabeth Furness was in bed when lightning hit the building. She was rescued in her nightdress by a neighbour.

10 Years Ago
October 19, 2007 
Ofsted inspectors went to the bottom of the class after a spelling error left them red-faced.
The government agency responsible for inspecting standards of education referred to the ‘Isle of White’ throughout a report for an Island school.
The report was immediately withdrawn so the changes could be made.

Megan Baynes

Monday, October 23, 2017 - 13:30

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