Priory Bay Head Chef Oliver Stephens will be showcasing Island produce

Priory Bay Chef To Showcase Island Produce

Tue, 11 March 2014 8:00AM

Priory Bay head chef Oliver Stephens will be showcasing Island produce at two food demos in Bournemouth and London this month.

The first show in Bournemouth is at the Hotel and Catering show, where Oliver will be working alongside 'Catch' pop-up fish and chip shop from the Island.

Oliver said:

I'm doing a show at the Bournemouth international Hotel and Catering show, promoting some of the suppliers I've built up a relationship with over the last year, bigging up the Isle of Wight.

Oliver began his career as kitchen porter in Cornwall, and worked his way up to a position at one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world.

After taking an apprenticeship at the Island's Priory Bay Hotel, Oliver got a job at Rousillon in London, where he became junior sous chef at the age of 19.

After just under two years at the London restaurant, Oliver travelled around France working in different restaurants for five years, before moving to Denmark to work what has been described as 'the best restaurant in the world' - Noma.

In 2012 after just under two years at Noma, Oliver decided to come back to the Island, and returned to the Priory Bay Hotel.

Oliver now is looking to set up his own venture on the Island. Oliver said: 

The plan now, over the next couple of months we are looking and are in negotiations to set up a small restaurant on the island,

"Financially speaking, if I wanted to earn a lot of money I'd go straight to London tomorrow, but I love it here, I love the produce, I love waking up in the morning and being able to see the sea, I love walking down the village and saying hello to people,

"I think Island life is defintely a key factor, I've got a one and a half year old son, and if he can have anything like the childhood I had growing up on the Isle of Wight, hopefully he'll be a happy boy.

The event takes place between 10am-5pm at the Bournemouth International Centre tomorrow (Tuesday 11th).

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