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Earl Mountbatten Hospice in Newport is this month welcoming Ztam Arts, which is holding its first exhibition throughout October in the hospice’s art gallery.

The exhibition features a host of local talent, including a number of young, inspiring photographers. Ztam Arts is made up of Kelly Murdoch, Sienna Anderson, Radek Gora, Sarah James and Tanya Rock. Their collective works create a stunning range of images on a number of subjects, which can be found in the art gallery in the main hospice building.

The gallery is open to the general public, and anyone is welcome to come and view the photographs that are for sale, earning the hospice a commission on any sold.

One section features young photographers Jasmine Lake, 17; Taylor Ronald Sedgwick, 8; Billy Wright, 13 and Jamie Mallon, 14.

Nigel Hartley, Chief Executive, said:

“I am constantly amazed by the quality of work that is exhibited in our hospice art gallery. Not only do our patients and staff enjoy this ever-changing environment, but it brings another reason for members of the public to visit the hospice and enjoy our facilities.

“Do come and enjoy some refreshments at the same time in our wonderful Sunflower Café, which is open to the public, or enjoy the autumnal colours in the Chelsea Garden.”

October art gallery exhibitors are:

• Kelly Murdoch – Ztam Photography
• Sienna Anderson – Soul Photography
• Radek Gora – Radek Gora Photography
• Sarah James – Nervous wreck designs
• Tanya Rock –  Love Light Photography
• Jasmine Lake
• Taylor Ronald Sedgwick
• Jamie Mallon

If you would like to feature in one of Ztam Arts’ exhibitions, email info@ztamart.co.uk.

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