COVID-19 Policy Traveling from your bubble to our bubble

Welcome to our up to date website following the openings and closings of traveling within the UK. We are currently not taking any bookings until after 2nd December 2020, after which time, you will be traveling to a Tier 1 Zone as we understand it.

However, we are open to organise and re organise your bookings! #impossibletomakeplans #inthistogether #keepsafe

Tiers explained and Rule of 6

Tier 1.
Those living in Tier 1 may holiday with anyone they like in a Tier 1 location subject to the rule-of-six, so the number of people in the property cannot exceed 6 unless they are all from the same or linked households. This living in Tier 1 may not mix with other households (unless linked) in a holiday
home that is located in a tier 2 or 3 area.

Tier 2
People living in Tier 2 areas (which includes all of London and other big centres of population) are banned from household mixing anywhere at all. In theory, stopping to chat to a passing friend in a shopping centre is criminal behaviour. There are no restrictions on travel. They can book holiday homes in any location so long as there is no mixing with other households – so no family gettogethers or breaks with friends.

Tier 3
This unfortunate enough to live in Tier 3 areas are also not permitted to mix with any other household, anywhere at all. The main difference between Tiers 2 and 3 is the list of businesses required to close but holiday homes are not required to be closed. Holiday homes may continue in business to accommodate single or linked households only. People living in a Tier 3 area are advised to avoid travel – however this is not mandatory so they may still take holidays if they are following the other restrictions.

  • The law states that people should not go on holiday in England with people outside their households (including bubble) in a group larger than 6 people.

If your booking falls within any of these parameters making it impossible for you to travel, we will gladly move your booking to a more suitable date or offer a full refund. Please see below for current T&C’s.


  • Our team has done additional training and completed the course by schulke for Environmental cleaning during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Achieved Covid-19 Industry Standard In Partnership recognising that our business has confirmed that they have followed the government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social/physical distancing.
  • our cleaners work in bubbles, cleaning the same houses each week
  • our linen is picked up in zipped bags after being cleaned at high temperatures and delivered to your clean house and put on your beds by our cleaning team
  • our cleaners visit each house in fresh PPE – this includes gloves and masks.  All of this is discarded and replaced for the next house clean
  • we have extended our cleaning time, so we know our cleaners have time to complete a thorough Covid-19 sterilization on top of our usual high standard clean
  • for reassurance we are using the British Standard cleaning equipment in all our cleaning, including our sanitising.
  • we are sanitising all touch points in each house, – door handles, cupboard handles, window latches, items you will pick up like the salt and pepper shaker, all of this is done AFTER the usual clean to ensure when you arrive your house is super clean and safe
  • Games and books will be put away in the house before you arrive.  If you leave these for 24 hours they will therefore be quarantined and you will be able to use them again.

We are very confident in our cleaning approach and we are compliant with all recommendations for managing this situation. If, however, you feel you need the house ‘fogged’ please get in touch and we will provide you with a quote for this.


In order for us to open our doors we have implemented a number of measures to keep you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We ask that you follow the expectations set out below to help us achieve this:

Day of departure to the Island and Arrival

  • before you leave home, ensure you have completed the Covid-19 questionnaire for you and your party
  • if you have had any symptoms, are waiting for a test result, or have Covid-19 please do not travel. Even if you are isolating for 14 days but have no symptoms you must stay home
  • Please send HB Holiday Lettings names of everyone staying at the house and their mobile numbers for TRACK AND TRACE purposes.
  • when you arrive at your house there will be a key safe where you can collect your key
  • Your house will have its own QR Code, please check in on your arrival with this code using the NHS COVID19 Ap, they run out at midnight so you will need to check in every day.

During your stay

  • we hope you have a wonderful time with us but if you do experience symptoms of Covid-19 you need to act quickly – please follow the guidance provided on the website or in your house, and book a test, contact us immediately, and understand that you may need to go home
  • if anyone is tested positive for Covid-19 you will need to make arrangements to go home, we will of course help you to do that.
  • During your stay, for TRACK AND TRACE purposes, please email us any friends you have to the holiday home or you visit, we will keep this information for 2 weeks, thank you.
  • if you are staying for 2 weeks you are still able to have a linen change however you will need to do that yourselves. A bag for dirty linen will be provided and taken away, and fresh linen will be provided in a zipped bag. We are not able to have the cleaning team come into the property, but we do appreciate that fresh linen is a lovely thing! We hope you don’t mind this inconvenience.
  • Please observe local and national guidelines and laws.


  • before you leave please take off your linen and place it in the zip bag provided – this is to minimise handling of dirty linen and protect our cleaning staff
  • please take any food away with you
  • please place any used cutlery and crockery into the dishwasher before you leave – we will empty this later.

If there is anything else you think we could do to protect your stay please let us know. We are regularly reviewing the risks to customers and staff during this time.


Please read and understand our Terms & Conditions which are agreed to on booking a holiday. However, during these unprecedented times, if your area or the Isle of Wight should go in to lock down or you are traveling from High Risk Area/Tier3 therefore making it impossible for you to have your holiday we will either work with you to move your booking at no cost or issue a full refund. Otherwise our T&C’s prevail for cancellations.


The Isle of Wight’s testing centre is at Newclose Cricket Ground just outside Newport.


If Wightlink crossing/s have been booked through HB Holiday Lettings we will cancel and refund the total cost including the admin fee for you. You must give no less than 48 hours of travel to receive the full refund. This is correct at time of publishing but should Wightlink change this we would implement any costs imposed on HB to you.

If you have booked with Wightlink or Red Funnel yourselves, please check with the ferry company directly.


We will be monitoring the situation and updating this page.

It is now obligatory that you wear a face mask for your ferry crossing and they have the right to not let you on board for your own safety.

Red Funnel have given us links for information and FAQ

In the meantime, keep well and safe.

Annabel updated 1st November 2020

Source for Tiers : Holiday Home Association October News Letter

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