Yaverland Beach Sandown


Yaverland Beach is one of the Isle of Wight’s best beaches, providing a long stretch of sand and great swimming waters for children and families. When the tide is out the sandy beach expands across acres. The litte beach Kiosk serves food all year round. Dog friendly all year round however during season there is a… Read more →

Yarmouth Castle

Heritage and Historical

Yarmouth Castle is a small off-square blockhouse built by Henry VIII in 1547, to guard Yarmouth harbour on the Isle of Wight. It is about 30 metres long, including its yard and its large platform on the seaside, which carried the heavier armament. Telephone: 0870 333 1181

Whitecliff Bay Bembridge


A beautiful sandy bay surrounded by the high cliffs of Culver Down. Difficult to get to as access is via Whitecliff Bay Holdiay Park but definitely worth it – Easy with a boat! On the beach there are two cafes, The Wonky Cafe and the Tuppeny cafe. Dog friendly all year round