British Summer time is only 5 weeks away!!! Lets head to the Isle of Wight!!!

Can you believe in just 6 weeks we will be entering into the good old fashioned British Summer time. The nights will be pulling out, the birds will be singing and the smell of freshly cut grass will be in the air. I cannot wait!!! I am so lucky to live on this gorgeous Island with its dreamy beaches, Clear blue seas, Stunning scenery, walks, cycle paths, swimming pools, amusement parks, pubs, restaurants, Yaughts, water sports, Festivals!!! You name it the Isle of wight pretty much has it. Plus it never rains!! Ok, so that’s not technically true but if it does rain there is plenty to keep you occupied inside. Being a “mainlander” myself the Isle of Wight had often intrigued me. Catching a ferry to this mysterious land was a very exiting prospect. I fell in love with it straight away and quickly packed my bags and shipped myself over. There is such a different feel here. Slow paced, friendly, relaxing and waking up to the fresh sea air every day is the best feeling in the world. I literally feel like I’m on holiday everyday. Now I know I’m not the only one to feel this way!! In this line of work we get to meet a lot of holiday makers and reports are this is one of the best places to holiday!!!!!! and live! …. Our guests also love our beautiful holiday cottages, each one carefully selected and maintained to an extremely high standard. We want your holiday to feel like you have just walked into your very own home away from home. If its a Cottage by the sea your after or a rural retreat in the country we have a wide selection of perfectly suited homes which can be individually tailored to suit your needs. We have also put together our very own HB guide to make planning your trip as easy as making a cup of tea. Our team are on hand for any queries you may have with your holiday or info about the Island. We LOVE the Isle of Wight and think you will too.

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